Owner/Client:      CalRecycle

In compliance with AB 1343, CalRecycle adopted the California Architectural Paint Stewardship Program Plan, a statewide plan to better manage post-consumer paints. The plan is being implemented by the nonprofit, stewardship organization, PaintCare®, on behalf of the manufacturers who sell architectural paint in California. Ascent assisted CalRecycle with the CEQA compliance process and prepared the Initial Study/Negative Declaration, which determined that no environmental impacts would occur with implementation of the plan. The key environmental issues were the potential for air quality, greenhouse gas emission, and transportation effects. The plan approved by CalRecycle creates a recovery program to reduce the disposal of postconsumer architectural paint in landfills, promote the reuse of postconsumer architectural paint, and manage the end-of-life of postconsumer architectural paint in an environmentally sound fashion.  The program includes used paint collection at retail outlets, transportation of used paint to recycling/reuse facilities, processing of used paint into reusable architectural paint, and disposal of remnant waste products. The plan was adopted in July 2012.