Owner/Client:      California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation 

From 1990 to present, Ascent staff have directed CDCR’s Statewide Environmental Services Programs and provided CEQA compliance, ESA compliance, constraints and siting studies, biological and cultural resources, and public services and utilities services. Projects included more than 20 new or expanded prisons throughout the state; water and wastewater upgrades at Centinela, Calipatria, Kern Valley, Avenal, Deuel Vocational, California Men’s Colony, and other prisons; and an HCP for the Statewide Electrified Fence Project, including an EIR/EA, covering over 30 prisons throughout the state. Biological monitoring of wildlife mortality resulting from  the electrified fence has been occurring annually since the adoption of the HCP. Ascent staff have worked on projects at nearly every CDCR facility. Critical to the successful completion of these projects is the extensive outreach to local city and county agencies where these facilities would be located.