Owner/Client:      Napa County Planning, Building, and Environmental Services Department

Napa County proposed to acquire property and construct a new jail on approximately 15 to 20 acres in unincorporated Napa County, California. The new facility would provide increased capacity to house the growing number of inmates expected as a result of passage of California’s 2011 “Realignment” Act. Ascent prepared an EIR that analyzed a facility designed with an initial capacity of 366 beds, but included core support facilities designed for expansion and occupancy of up to 526 beds in the event the County needs to add bed capacity at some point in the future. Additionally, a staff-secure facility would be constructed to house 50 to 100 additional inmates, and would serve as a transitional step for inmates moving back to the community. The existing jail, located in downtown Napa, would remain in use as a day-holding facility for pre-trial inmates with Court appointments, and would also continue to accommodate County offices and meeting space. Key environmental issues include land use and aesthetics, traffic and circulation, air quality, greenhouse gases, utilities, and community services.