Owner/Client:      US Army Corps of Engineers/CYS Structural Engineers

The Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project involves modifications to the dam to increase flood protection to the Sacramento area by construction of an auxiliary flood spillway and re-operation of the dam. The spillway would increase the potential rate of release of flood waters from Folsom Lake, thereby allowing greater flexibility in the management of flood hazard situations and operation of the multipurpose dam. Ascent served on the panel of experts convened by the USACE, Sacramento District to review engineering, design, hydrologic/hydraulic, and environmental impact analysis elements of the project’s planning efforts. Ascent participated as the NEPA expert in site evaluations and expert workshops and conducted a peer review of the Environmental Impact Statement prepared to verify the adequacy of impact analysis and mitigation, particularly related to effects on hydrology, fisheries, air quality, and recreation. Results of the expert review have been recorded in the USACE Design, Review, and Checking System (Dr. Checks).